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Many factors and variables come into play when it comes to evaluating your vehicle as a trade-in, beyond just "Book Value", here are a few tips on some of those variables, in case you don't do this every day like we do.

  • Wholesale Auction Value - Dealers buy many of our quality pre-owned vehicles from various exclusive auction houses or fleet dispersals at wholesale value give or take. We may be willing to pay more or less than what we pay at the auctions for your trade-in, based on various factors
  • Marketability - The desirability of your vehicle based on factors such as, but not limited to - market demand, time of year, color combination, exterior and interior appearance, overall brand image, the number of similar vehicles on competitors lots etc
  • Retail Value - We are in the business of retailing cars to make money. What we can sell your trade-in for, and the profit expected in that vehicle when we do eventually sell it factors greatly in determining your vehicle's ultimate trade value.
  • History - Accidents, minor or major, the primary driver's profile and maintenance history can also increase or decrease a trade-in's ultimate value here and there.
  • Condition - All of our quality pre-owned vehicles go through extensive inspections, as will your trade-in, both by our own trained mechanics and ultimately the prospective buyer of the vehicle down the road. As such certain reconditioning work, such as brakes, tires, replacement windshields, minor paint touch-ups, just to name a few will need to be performed. The better condition your vehicle is in, the lower our own investment in the trade-in will be and the more we can give you for your trade.

Ultimately your fair trade value will be determined based on these key factors and more. If you visit Canadian Black Book's Online Trade Tool, honestly evaluate your condition between the "High" and "Low" values and then factor in any obvious repairs, damage etc... You will arrive at a decent rough estimate and may even be pleasantly surprised.

The only way to have a 100% accurate trade value calculated is to visit us in store and have it professionally appraised as a trade towards your choice of new or quality pre-owned vehicle.

We look forward to helping, if you have any questions regarding the use of this form, your potential trade, or wish to make an appointment to have your vehicle appraised, please feel free to contact our Internet Sales Department at (403) 202 3419