phone holder attached to windshield in car

Where To Buy Car Accessories in Calgary, AB

Is your car really working for you? Even if you do not yet have the car of your dreams, a few accessories can help you get by until you get the perfect truck, sports car, or spacious SUV you have always wanted. A few interior accessories can help you stay more organized, keep your car cleaner, or make something like charging your phone easier to do. Continue reading this entry for some advice on accessories you should buy and where to buy them.

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Free Car Delivery in Calgary, AB

We purchase things online all the time. Whether it’s a fresh hot meal, groceries, clothing, electronics, or random goods from an online retailer, we have adapted to a new lifestyle nobody could have imagined just two decades ago. Another thing people couldn’t imagine back then is ordering a car online and having it delivered directly to your house. How is that possible? Read more of this entry to find out!

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2021 Kia Soul dark blue parked on gravel in front of hills and mountains

Should I Buy the 2021 Kia Soul or the 2021 Kia Seltos?

Some 2021 model year vehicles have already been revealed and have snuck their way onto car lots without most people noticing. This includes the 2021 Kia Soul and the 2021 Kia Seltos in some areas. The Soul is an existing model that has captured attention because of its trendy boxy shape and artistic design, while every Seltos on the ground is part of the vehicle’s first model year. Since both vehicles are subcompact crossovers, it might be confusing that Kia would make them at the same time as each other. If you want to buy a subcompact but you’re not sure which is right for you, read more of this entry below.

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2020 Kia Forte red paint shot from above showing top, front, and driver side

What 2020 Kia Forte Trim Level is Right for Me?

The Kia Forte has worked hard to make a name for itself in recent years as a competitor to the best compact sedans on the road. Models from other automakers like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Volkswagen Jetta all look similar, but the 2020 model year marks another opportunity the Forte has to steal some of the spotlight. The Forte has five main trim levels so shoppers can find the right Forte without needing to go to the competition. Read more of this entry for more information on the 2020 Kia Forte. 

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2020 Kia Niro red driving with motion blur past trees and bushes

Does Northland Kia Sell any Hybrids or Electric Vehicles?

If you are looking to dive in headfirst into the alternative fuel movement, Northland Kia isn’t a bad place to go. Kia has a few hybrids and EVs, but they aren’t always sold everywhere. At Northland Kia, you can find the Kia Niro and the Optima Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). There are sure to be more in the near future, but for now, read on and learn more about the alternatively fueled vehicles you can find at Northland Kia. 

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2020 Kia Sorento parked in dry grass with blue sky and mountains

How Many People Can Fit in the Kia Sorento?

In an era where smaller crossover SUVs dominate, the Kia Sorento is one of the most successful vehicles out there right now. The Kia name has gained fame and trust to the point where the Sorento is one of the first names people think of when it comes to smaller SUVs. To get the most value out of a smaller SUV, you have to get as many seats in as small a package as you can. That’s why the Sorento does so well next to the competition. 

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2020 Kia Sportage red profile view driving past green valley

What Kia Vehicles Can I Find at Northland Kia?

At Northland Kia, we carry the Kia models you are looking for in Calgary, Alberta. The lot is filled with sedans, crossovers, and more. You can use this website to explore our inventory online anytime or come visit the lot yourself and peruse the stock of vehicles. Popular models like the Kia Forte, Sportage, and Soul are available at multiple trim levels, making it easy to find the right vehicle for you. 

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